Material Synergies

As a result of our diverse product portfolio, we source a wide range of materials. We use this to our advantage to support our partners with material alternatives that trim timeframes and costs without compromising quality. We utilize our Design Studio to share samples, and support our partners to optimize their development process, conserving valuable… Continue reading Material Synergies

Quality Management System

Dedicated to progress, we continuously work on improving our robust Quality management system. We have integrated checkpoints from production to finished goods for meticulous quality control. Non-conformance is met with thorough analysis, corrective measures, and an ongoing pursuit of improvement.


We optimize resources through streamlined production planning and make informed decisions with real-time monitoring. Quality is prioritized at each stage, supported by effective communication for collaboration. Our robust risk mitigation strategies also ensure smooth operations by preventing disruptions.

Material Sourcing

We prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our production, maintaining a strong international supply chain for diverse options. Our dedicated teams ensure competitive costing while upholding our commitment to responsible practices.

Embroidery unit

At Geebee Garments, we take pride in our in-house embroidery facility, where we have the capability to add value to your garments. Our embroidery facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and operated by skilled technicians who ensure precision, quality, and attention to detail in every stitch.

Design and Innovation

Our sampling process involves creating prototypes and samples of our designs to test and refine them before mass production. We have a skilled team of pattern makers, sample developers, and garment technicians who work diligently to translate our design concepts into physical garments.We take pride in our sampling and made-to-measure capability, as it allows us… Continue reading Design and Innovation

In-House Design Studio

Our design studio is run by highly qualified technicians well trained in the latest technologies. We create digital patterns, markers and 3D visualizations, enabling virtual development of garments prior to sample creation. We keep pace with the latest trends and add value to the product with embroidery, printing and washing techniques. Our sourcing teams continuously… Continue reading In-House Design Studio